Improving the home

Our investment in 2018 of nearly £1 million to improve the home proved extremely timely facilitating hygiene management during the pandemic.

The extension and modernisation allowed us to manage the Covid pandemic much more easily than would have been the case

The wider corridors improved access and this proved invaluable during the pandemic.


The development provided six new and refurbished rooms with modern bathrooms. The first floor has a wonderful atrium that can be used by residents and their families.

Since the start of 2022 an on-going programme of developments has provided three new large rooms with improved ensuite bathroom facilities.  Extensive areas of new carpeting have been laid and there has been substantial redecoration, which continues.

To facilitate the meetings of residents with family members during the pandemic the large summer house off the driveway was extensively modified and a small summer house constructed in the back garden. Both have heating and lighting.

We have subsequently invested around £200K in making larger rooms, redecorating and installing solar panels.

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